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A great big welcome from the Hawkwood Community Association (HCA), a group of dedicated volunteers that share a sincere interest in improving our community within the city of Calgary.

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Hawkwood Community Park

The Hawkwood Community Park (HCP) was built on the desire to provide a year-round community hub.  In 2021 the Community Park came to life through the passion of volunteers and extensive community engagement.  It is now open to all residents and surrounding communities to engage in outdoor activities and imaginative play.  If skating, hockey, pickleball, tennis and even zip-lining (yes zip-lining) sounds fun to you, click below to learn more, get connected and book activities.

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Park Status Notices

This space will be used to provide updates on the the status of park amenities (i.e. open or closed) as well as park maintenance.

Status of Tennis/Pickleball Courts

The courts are now open and available for booking!

Last Updated:
April 23, 2024
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Community Initiatives

Hawkwood residents of all ages are invited to join and participate in a growing list of programs and initiatives available in our community. Come get involved!
If you are interested in launching a new program or initiative, but are wondering where to begin just contact the HCA President to start a conversation.

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Your participation as a member of our community association enriches everyone’s lives with a sense of community spirit. It fosters pride in our neighbourhood, and provides a safe and fun place for our children and grandchildren to grow.