Bough Collection for Hawkwood's Winter Planter Displays

Bough Collection for Hawkwood's Winter Planter DisplaysBough Collection for Hawkwood's Winter Planter Displays

Hello Hawkwood Residents,

Do you have a healthy spruce or pine tree that you need removed from your yard?  Pixie Gardens installs the winter displays in your community starting mid-November.  They prefer to source winter container boughs locally from evergreens that are slated to be cut down for various reasons (allow more light in your house, grew too big, clear space for a new addition, etc).   If you have an unwanted evergreen, the Pixies are interested in coordinating with you!

Removal/Collection time will be between the last week of October to mid-November. “Space is limited” – call by sept 30

Please email a photo of your tree to   we will let you know if your tree will work for the Winter Container Displays.  If it will work, Pixie gardens will coordinate with a local arborist company:  Bow Valley Trees ( to get it removed during collection time.  The approximate cost of a 50 foot spruce tree (removal and stump grinding) is about $1000 to $1500 + gst.  If the branches are a high enough quality for the winter containers displays,  Pixie Gardens will pay 10% of your removal costs!

If you need a spruce or pine removed, please consider this program.  You will help to beautify your community this winter and save 10% of the cost of your removal!

We look forward to hearing from you!


Bobbie Beddoes


Pixie Gardens Inc.

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